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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make my truck a glider?

No, unfortunately a glider is a chassis designated by a specific VIN. Replacing the engine or doing a conversion does not render your truck a glider.


  • Can you put a pre-emission or pre-elog engine in my truck?

EPA regulations state that when an engine is replaced, it must be replaced with the same model year configuration as was removed. As a dealership we must maintain compliance, therefore we do not perform engine replacements.


  • Can you restore my truck?  

No, we are primarily a rebuilder of late model equipment. Restoring older equipment has become popular due to the rising costs of new, but due to the amount of time involved and hard to find parts, it is not a service we provide. There are many reputable shops who do great restorations, feel free to call for a recomendation if needed.


  • How much does a new glider kit cost? 

Prices continually change but if you know the make, model, and setup you would like then we may be able to give you a close estimate. It will most likely be comparable to the price of a new truck.


  • Do you do custom work on gliders?

Yes we install drop visors, straight pipes, light bars, half fenders, etc.  


  • Do you do service work such as tires & brakes?

We are happy to help out with various repairs but with our workload, we try to stay away from common maintenance that can be performed at service shops.  


  • Are you a trucking company?



  • Are you a salvage yard?



  • What about Federal Excise Tax - FET?

There is a "Safe Harbor Rule" that most gliders fall under; IRS Rev. Rul. 91-27, 1991-1 C.B. 192. However, check with your tax consultant for updates / clarifications.


  • What is the best engine to install in a  Peterbilt Glider?

A 6NZ/2WS series Cat C15  is what we recommend for the best performance and longevity.  A 70 Pin ECM engine is required for Peterbilt/KW gliders.


  • Do you rebuild engines?

No, we recommend a CAT rebuild for warranty purposes, although your local mechanic may be a good option as well.


  • How can I get Maximum fuel economy out of my C15 Cat engine?  

Install a performance cam and a Full Tilt or Bully Dog manifold. This combo will increase fuel economy 1-1.5  MPG, you will gain approximately 145HP, in addition to almost 175 ft.lbs of torque, without changing ECM settings.


  • What separates you from other companies?

Our goal is to provide the best service while still offering a reasonable price. We have been in the truck industry for over 30 years building experience and knowledge for what works, what doesn't, and what lasts. Our biggest assets are repeat buyers and word of mouth referrals along with honest, trustworthy employees.

  • All of our gliders are built to better then new standards with all new OEM parts, no used parts or chopped wires.
  • We specialize in Caterpillar powered gliders.
  • We make it our goal to help buyers build exactly what they would like, with the level of customization they request.
  • Our 30+ years of building trucks gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. This also helps us provide the best options and quality for you.
  • We stand behind our product and aim to glorify God with our workmanship.